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QuadVantage products are not concepts, they have been clinically proven with excellent results.

QuadVantage expects to provide a full solution to measure, shape, harvest, extract and attach a high performance Quadriceps tendon graft tailored the individual patient’s needs at any age.

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Our Products

Combination of Re-usable Instruments (Gen 3 pictured below) and Disposable Blades (not pictured) is expected to deliver a very low cost per case.

Gen 4 Instruments are currently in production. They are smaller, lighter and have specialized solutions for Tendon only and Pediatric applications.

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Product Line Details

EZ Shape Bone Plug Guide(s)

Re-usable 8 – 11mm bone saw guides that help ensure an accurately measured, consistently shaped bone plug as required for each case – eliminates guess work.


Re-usable Variable Width Double Scalpel 8mm – 11mm used to initiate harvesting of the Quadriceps tendon and to pre-shape the graft. Uses standard surgical blades provided by the surgical center. Ensures a uniform graft width/ eliminates forming by hand.

T-Blade Graft Harvester

Re-usable instrument used to carve a section of the Quadriceps tendon from the upper leg without the need for an additional incision once the preliminary shaping with the VeriBlade is complete. The Graft Harvester utilizes different sizes of disposable blades that allow customization of the size of the graft to the patients’ needs.

Tendon Only & Pediatric Graft Harvester

Tendon only and Pediatric Procedures

Graft Extractor

Re-usable instrument which facilitates a minimally invasive Quadriceps graft extraction without the need for a second incision. Ensures a uniform thickness and clean cut at the far end of the graft.

Disposable Blades

Specialized one time use blades for use with the QuadVantage Harvester and Extractor instruments. Blades are available in various sizes and are customized for use in procedures where a bone plug is taken, in Tendon only (no bone plug) or in Pediatric cases.

Under Development

Fixation Devices used to secure the graft into position inside the knee joint. QuadVantage believes its Fixation product line will provide significant advantages over devices currently on the market. The Fixation product line is in the early stages of development and testing and is not expected to be available to market until late 2024.


Made In America and Fully Recyclable

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