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Clinical Evidence Summary

*Based on the experience of 5 surgeons, with experience across all graft types, who completed over 100 cases during the last 5 years using the QuadVantage Instrument Set. Guides for ensuring a consistent bone plug size and shape, forming of the harvested tendon and ease of amputation of the tendon, once harvested, minimized the level of expertise required to achieve consistent results. Additionally, lower site morbidity was observed in all cases vs Patellar Autograft procedures.


    I have had multiple surgeries, one of which was an ACL repair on my left knee. I had initial success, but recovery was longer than anticipated and I’m having issues long term. I recently had to have my right knee’s ACL repaired so I went to a new surgeon and he used the QuadVantage (QV) system… I was back on my feet in less time, had to have less meds and am not experiencing the issues I had with my other knee operation.

    Female Patient

      Minimal pain from the harvest site compared to hamstrings or the patellar tendon. I am surprised how painless they are at the harvest site even one week post-op. This, of course, relates to less pain in rehab and quicker return of quad function than patellar harvests

      Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon

      Cosmetically Superior

      These patients had ACL reconstruction using autogenous grafts. The patient on the left used a conventional patellar graft. The patient on the right used a Quadriceps tendon graft taken with the QuadVantage System.

      Quadvantage Patient Post Rehabilitation

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      Relevant Articles

      Refer to the Company’s website at for live links to these articles.  These articles refer to the advantages associated with using a Quadriceps tendon graft for ACL Reconstruction and do not address use of QuadVantage procedures and instrumentation.

      The information available on or through our website is not a part of this Form C.

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