Transforming ACL Reconstruction Surgery

With the QuadVantage Autograft System (Instruments and Procedures) your local orthopedic surgeon can provide a superior Quadriceps ACL Reconstruction experience – one that is less traumatic, less likely to fail and easier to recover from.

100% Minimum Target Raised
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Amount Subscribed To Date : $891,375

Minimum Investment: $500 | Price per Share $2.50 | Non-Voting Preferred Shares, 
5% Annual Dividend, Investment fees waived through 12/15/22

The Need

ACL Reconstruction - A Growing Market

As society at all ages moves to a more active lifestyle, the incidence of ACL injuries continues to grow – It is no longer an issue just for athletes. According to data from Transparency Market Research 2021, over 900,000 ACL reconstruction surgeries are expected to be performed in North America and Europe in 2023. Worldwide the number of ACL surgeries is approaching 2 Million per year.

The Problem

Issues with Current
Reconstruction Techniques

Mainstream ACL reconstruction techniques utilize Patellar, Hamstring or Allograft (cadaver) tendon grafts as replacements for the injured tendon. Key issues continue to plague patient’s that undergo these surgeries;


Postoperative Pain, Swelling & Infection

use of narcotics

To Treat Pain

ugly scars

Evident Forever


Knee Pain, Graft Failure

The Solution

The QuadVantage Quadriceps Autograft System

Based on research conducted over several decades, it is believed that the Quadriceps tendon is superior to Patellar, Hamstring and Allograft alternatives.

The complexity of harvesting the Quadriceps tendon, however, has kept it out of the mainstream.
The Patented QuadVantage Quadriceps Autograft solution makes harvesting of the Quadriceps tendon easier; adding precision, eliminating guesswork and minimizing trauma to the knee – making the procedure locally accessible for ordinary patients at any age.

Precise procedure

Eliminates Guesswork Minimizes Trauma & Pain

Small Scar

Practically Disappears



American Made

Lower Cost per Case Vs Competition


Stainless Steel


A Comprehensive Solution With Significant Advantages

QuadVantage will provide a full solution to measure, shape, harvest, extract and attach a high performance Quadriceps tendon graft tailored the individual patients needs at any age.


Terms of Offering


QuadVantage Technology, Inc.

Description of Business

Advanced Medical Devices for ACL Reconstruction

Type of Shares

Series CF Non-Voting Preferred Stock , 5% Annual Dividend

Purchase Price of Security Offered

$2.50 per share

Minimum Investment Amount (per investor)


Maximum Target Amount

$5.0 Million



Establishes point at which the company can initiate the first close.

Deadline to Reach Target Offering Amount

April 23, 2023

In making an investment decision, Investors must rely on their own examination of the Company and the terms of the Offering, including the merits and risks involved.  The Company has filed a Form C with the Securities and Exchange Commission in conjunction with its Offering that provides significant details on the Company, the Securities offered, and the risks involved in making an investment.


Why Invest in QuadVantage?

  • Growing Market Known for High Returns*

  • An opportunity to step in at a value inflection point ahead of the Company’s initial product launch in the United States

  • Clinically Tested, Proven Products 

  • No long FDA Clinical Trial or Approval Process Left to Navigate

  • Strong Intellectual Property Portfolio
  • Highly Experienced and Invested Team

  • A Made in America Mentality

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QuadVantage will provide a full solution to measure, shape, harvest, extract and attach a high performance Quadriceps tendon graft tailored the individual patient’s needs at any age.

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